OSG’s fleet transports crude oil and petroleum products for major independent and state owned oil companies, oil traders, and U.S. and international government entities. Our efforts focus primarily on the U.S. Flag business.

The energy transportation industry is subject to extremely stringent safety and environmental standards and regulations pertaining to operations and standards of crew welfare. The principal regulators are the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which is the United Nations agency responsible for the safety of life at sea and the protection of the environment, and the principle United States regulator is the United States Coast Guard. At OSG we are committed to full compliance with all standards and regulations and aspire to operate the safest, cleanest and most reliable fleet in the industry.

OSG’s U.S. Flag fleet is technically managed in Tampa, Florida by our shoreside operations staff, which includes fleet managers; marine and technical superintendents; crewing and training personnel; and safety, security, quality and environmental personnel.

Commercial Operations

Ship owners apply different strategies to maximize the utilization and profitability of their fleet. Our U.S. Flag fleet is commercially managed by our staff based in our Tampa, Florida office. The vessels primarily operate on medium-term/medium to long-term time charters, providing a predictable level of revenues without the fluctuations inherent in the spot market.